Special Operations Speaks cares about the Country.

We know that we need to fight to keep our freedoms.

SOS is created on ideals of Freedom. Our long-term remedy for America now hinges on the continued loyalty of Special Operations and all military veterans to their military oaths, the oaths they each swore with no expiration date.

We believe that to preserve our liberty, we need for certain steps to occur:


Veterans Must Vote

We cannot remain idle as our country's fate is decided by people who wish to harm the United States

Vets must serve in public office

Our veterans understand the tasks required to protect our country. They need to have an input into the policy directions which affect all of us.

Vets must hold our legislators, judges and executives in government (from village, to State House, to White House) accountable

With each passing year, our policymakers are eroding our freedoms. We need to ensure that the people deciding our fate understand the importance of maintaining the Republic rather than maintaining their paychecks.

It only takes a moment to start the process of protecting our great country.

We will never spam you. That's a promise!

It's people like you who support a stronger United States

We've been known across the globe as the defenders of freedom and democracy.

Veterans and friends fuel the actions. We can speak for those being silenced.

We have the reputation for taking on the hard battles and winning.

We know the process isn't easy.

We have been to battle before. We understand how to win. But we need your help.

When we saw the atrocities take place surrounding Benghazi and other incidents, we knew we couldn't remain idle and silent. We took action. We spoke out. Our efforts spear-headed the movement to bring light to the shadows obfuscating the truth. Thanks to people like you, the truth is known.

We continue this pursuit of the truth. We will not rest on our laurels of prior action. We will continue the mission.

A Proven Team

The team at Special Operations speaks makes the daily tasks of defending freedom paramount. They don't stress donations as their mission. They stress action as their mission.

We Share with You

The SOS members know that we must be vigilant. We share with our members information about pending legislation, actions of the military and beyond. We know that transparency is vital to the public.

We Stand for Those who cannot

Many of our members we know have been injured and cannot take the actions needed in person. This is why we mobilize special actions to assist all in speaking out.

We Listen to You

We get our Marching orders from our members. We also urge for our members to join us in our civic and policy actions. Whether it's a march in DC or letter writing in your community, we listen in order to take the actions needed.

Field Reports

SpecialOpsSpeaks.com pages will bring you the good, the bad and the ugly of this pitched battle that Vets in the Fight must win for America to remain free.

Volunteer Army

We're different from other organizations. Our leadership is strictly volunteer. We do not accept pay for our services. We chose to lead by this example in hope of inspiring others.

We are unafraid to speak out

As this video demonstrates, we charge forward for what is right. We do not waver.

You are in good company

Join with Special Operations Speaks to take action.


"I’ve followed Special Operations Speaks on Facebook and knew it was the right thing to join with them in their mission. I can see where they may choose a path which may be uncomfortable for some. But I recall the discomfort I felt many days while serving - yet I knew I was doing what was required to preserve freedom for others. "

–Michael H., USN Ret

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We have the answers

How do I join Special Operations Speaks?

Our Membership is free. We don't require donations or any other financial support. We do, however, need financial contributions to keep our missions going. To Join, simply complete the basic membership information on this page.

Do I need to do anything special for Special Operations Speaks?

We don't pressure any members to do anything. We do, however, communicate with our membership with regard to actions we need help in completing. Whether it's a Facebook message sharing or letter-writing campaign, we provide the information and hope you're able to help.

Can I get my friends to join?

Since the membership is open to former and current service members and family/friends of the armed forces, you can send your friends to our membership sign up page as well.

What branches of service are represented?

To date, we have every branch represented, including our US Coast Guard. We do not restrict membership based upon membership in Special Forces or other units.

The Way to protect The United States

The opportunity to defend our Nation presents itself daily. Today is an opportunity for you. Join with Special Operations Speaks today.

If you are already a member, be sure to complete the form on this page so we can renew your information.

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